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Eat out: London #1 Pizza Pilgrims

Little review of new(ish) @pizzapilgrims in @CarnabyLondon ‘Eat out: Pizza Pilgrims’ #PizzaParty #EatOut #Food

During a recent visit home, I was happy to find myself residing in London town for a few days. While only there for a short time, I was determined to take full advantage of the capital’s delicious food establishments – of which there are many! Some of them were so very enjoyable, in fact, that I thought I’d dedicate a few blog posts to them. So, first up is Pizza Pilgrims.

Eat out London Pizza Pilgrims 2Pizza Pilgrims, Kingly…

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Eat in: pineapple and tofu fried rice

Eat in: pineapple and tofu fried rice

Several much-loved belongings had to stay behind in England when I moved to the UAE. Among those items were my knee-high walking boots, favourite winter coat – both of which were deemed as not very desert-friendly items of clothing – as well as my many beautiful but hefty cookery books.

Then on first perusing a supermarket in Dubai, I found that the lack of some food stuff and high price of…

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To do: The Scene Club

Discovering independent cinema in Dubai @thesceneclub and seeing Like Father Like Son

One thing Dubai definitely does well is cinemas. Without sounding too much like the west country bumpkin that I am, the cinemas here are pretty gosh darn swanky. Not only is the seating of the reclining lazy-boy-inspired sort and the popcorn served in massive boxes with mixed flavours (“Sweet AND salty? You rebel!”), but if you pay a little extra the staff will even bring you a pillow and…

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Finding somewhere to live

Finding somewhere to live in Dubai

I’m going to try my best to keep this from being a self-pitying rant fest but, in terms of finding somewhere to live, I’ve had a spot of bad luck since moving to Dubai – several spots in fact! I never quite appreciated just how important a steady and happy home is when trying to settle into a new country, nor did I know how blooming difficult an achievement this would be in the UAE.

Dubai housing 4In the nine…

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Bouncing in Dubai

Just written a blog post on Bounce Middel East @bouncemideast, aka super trampolining funtimes! ‘Bouncing in Dubai’

If I were to describe Dubai to any potential visitor the first thing I’d say is that nothing in this city is regular sized. Whether that’s its cars, its malls, or its popcorn portions, everything here is blooming mahoosive and never done by halves (seriously, the popcorn is amazing!).

And now Dubai has something else to add to its list of massive attributes: trampolining! Based in Al Quoz, Bounce

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Cool, sassy, lady books for cool, sassy ladies

Cool, sassy, lady books for cool, sassy ladies

Surprise surprise – Dubai is not the most feminist place in the world. Who knew, hey?

One thing I’ve really missed since moving to the UAE is all the cool, sassy, independent feminist-minded people living in Britain. While living in London I felt almost part of this new wave of feminism – or at the very least nearit – surrounded by events, marches, campaigns, and living in the same city as a…

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Moving to Dubai

Close to six beautiful months have passed since I packed my bags and moved to Dubai. And by ‘beautiful’ I of course mean intense, scary, lonely, fun, difficult, tasty, and exciting (to name but a few emotions). Even after all that I still can’t give a definitive answer for how I feel about the place. So instead I am going to post something I wrote in December 2013 after only being here for a few…

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My favourite places to eat right now

London is full to bursting with delicious, unusual, independent(ish) restaurants. I’ve been making a bit of an effort recently not to simply opt for the nearest chain and actually bother hunting down all those great eateries I’ve been meaning to go to.…

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Blog post! Pleased to say it includes the phrase “full wet salty hog” - Bank Holiday Ponderings’ #Dorset #SwanageView Post

Blog post! Pleased to say it includes the phrase “full wet salty hog” - Bank Holiday Ponderings’ #Dorset #Swanage

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Few pretty pics of #Dorset beaches #Sandbanks #Studland #Bouremouth But sadly no nudists: Dorset beaches are the bestView Post

Few pretty pics of #Dorset beaches #Sandbanks #Studland #Bouremouth But sadly no nudists: Dorset beaches are the best

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